Is Reading About the Occult Dangerous?

As if I didn’t have enough things to write about, I’ve started gathering inspiration for my blog posts from Quora questions about the occult. Because when I get asked even simple questions about the occult, it usually prompts a really long-winded, poetic kind of essay from me that the asker was not prepared for and did not want to hear. That’s a perfectly good essay, that went to waste. So, in an effort to make the time I spend writing these soliloqies more productive, I’m just going to start throwing them onto my blog just incase other people have the same question and might be too afraid to ask. But, on to our question.

The actual question was:

Is reading about the occult dangerous, even if I’m only reading and not practicing?

The occult is often portrayed as some spooky, extremely dangerous topic. However, the actual definition of the word occult is “hidden”. An apparently updated dictionary definition is: “to shut off from view or exposure.” This is an appropriate word for it: as it’s describing a layer of existence that overlaps our own, yet is “hidden” from view. It’s as if these things are at another frequency and because we are on another one, we often don’t see or “tune into” it, like a radio station.

With that being said, reading about the occult is not any more dangerous than is not reading about it: since this layer of existence is there, impacting us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically: whether society chooses to acknowledge it or not. As with laws of nature, not being aware of the “unseen” doesn’t make you immune to the effects of it. If you are not aware of the law of gravity and you jump from a cliff, you will still be severely injured, regardless of whether you believe in the law of gravity or you do not. Learning about the law of gravity can’t hurt you: It’s not knowing about the law of gravity that is going to be the most dangerous. That was you can at least be informed about which places are safe to jump from and which are likely to break your face.

The same is true of the occult. NOT knowing about the occult is far more dangerous than knowing about it. If you’re not aware of how to utilize your intuition (or psychic senses) you might miss out on dire warnings from your guides and be put in harms way or killed. If you’re not aware of how the chakra system works, and how it impacts your physical, mental and emotional health, you can get very sick, have chronic illnesses and emotional issues. If you don’t know how to protect yourself from things such as psychic attacks, accidental (or intentional) curses from others, thoughtforms that might be working against your benefit, etc. all of those can wreak havoc on your life and you won’t even know it. Those who don’t know about the occult often chalk it up to bad luck, ill health, a physical disorder, etc. when the problem might very well be psychic or energetic.

So, the thing is, when you do start studying the occult and you become aware of the mechanics of the unseen, and how this layer of existence operates within our own reality, (both positively and negatively), it becomes necessary to apply that knowledge in away that you’re protected from the negative influences, and increase the positive influences. It’s very difficult to read about metaphysics or the occult, understand it and believe it to be true, without ever applying it or doing something that is considered occult in some way, even if it is benevolent. Practicing some of these protection methods or utilizing these methods aren’t necessarily dangerous either, and won’t “open you up” to any “evil” external influences. It can’t really hurt to learn grounding, meditation, visualization or utilize reiki.

As I’m writing this I had a couple examples pop into my mind of times that simply reading about the occult CAN be harmful. There *are* authors (usually on the darker end of the magickal spectrum, but not always) who do try to manipulate the reader, and this is something to be wary of. (Then again, in the mundane world so do lawyers, virtually every salesmen that you will ever run into, marketing, the media, etc. etc. so it’s nothing you don’t really deal with on a day-to-day basis. Even more of a reason to have an understanding of the occult.) Some books are magickally charged or function in ways a talisman would, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not. Magickally charged sigils are used in art work (which could be benevolent and sometimes not.) Some rituals are written to leech off of another practitioners energy.

Those are all things to be wary of. However, the authors that do try and do this, you’ll usually get a sense that something is wrong. It can be best avoided when using common sense, as well as your intuition. If you *do* have an occult practice, it’s easier to avoid traps like this since you can easily ask your guides, or a trusted deity how reliable the information is. This further evidences my point about, reading about the occult almost prompts practice in the occult to protect yourself from things.

If you have reservations about practicing witchcraft or doing anything of an occult nature due to your religion being Christianity or one of the other Abrahamic religions, I would recommend against reading about it unless you are not opposed to it in practice. You don’t want to start studying and by having read it and understood it, committed a transgression. The things that you learn through studying the occult cannot be unlearned or easily denied, so it’s not something that can or should be taken up passively. Granted, there are a wealth of people who read a lot yet, put nothing into practice: because they don’t genuinely believe it but enjoy allure of being called an occultist, or portraying a certain image of themselves to other people. Which is, a guise easily seen through and frowned upon by the dedicated occultists and practitioners. Don’t do that, that’s lame.

So, I'm doing the YouTube thing now.

Yep, I’ve started a YouTube channel to go along with this blog. Which goes along with my Etsy shop. Do I know how to YouTube? No. Do I know how to edit videos? Also no. Do I have a microphone or a camera that I can use to record videos with? Absolutely not. The audio and picture quality are criminally bad, and so is the editing. Luckily, three of those things aren’t things I need to be exceptional at to send reiki distance healing via video. Not that these things aren’t things that I don’t intend on learning, because I totally do. I’m kind of learning as I go, and until then I’m going to pretend my videos are ironically horrible. (Laughter: no reiki needed.)

This channel is going to be primarily used for distance reiki healing videos! (At least until my videography improves.) My videos are going to be around 15-20 minutes in length. These are general sessions, so if you’d like to book a personal session with me, I do currently offer personal reiki sessions on my Etsy account, but that’s been very inconvenient, so I’m trying to set up something on this website right now so that private sessions can be booked more efficiently. It also seems that people are understandably more likely to buy some wares off of a snakeoil salesman before they would buy a distance reiki session from a rando Etsy stranger. … Hopefully, these videos and this website will add some credibility and professionalism to my work.

I’m also planning on releasing some reiki courses and distance attunements in the future. (Yay!) But I have a lot that I’m working on at the moment (see above: not-so-ironically bad YouTube videos.) but that should be something that I’m able to put together within the next year or so. Amongst a ton of other things.

Do you have a suggestion for a reiki video that you’d like to see on my channel? Let me know in the comment section! 🙂

Reiki for Panic Attacks

This is a distance reiki session that I recorded for those who are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety in general. Reiki has helped me exponentially with my anxiety and panic attacks in general.

Note: I realized afterward that I forgot to use the Master symbol, so this might not be as strong as it usually is. (Oops.)

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical or mental health professional. I’m a spiritual professional. I am only qualified to work on the energetic aspect of a health issue! (Which often isn’t acknowledged in Western Medicine.) Therefore, reiki is best used as a treatment modality, in conjunction with medical care: not as a replacement for medical care. If you struggle with mental health or are having health problems, please visit your doctor.

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