Channeled Info on the Apocalypse, Ragnarok & the “End” of the World

I felt the need to make this video after watching Teala Petrova’s video on Coronavirus because I’ve been channeling similar themes of information these last couple of months (apocalypse, end of the world, Ragnarok), especially after I did my intitiation through Muspelheim. (This is one of V.K. Jehannum’s rites that is available through his Patreon page.)

I wanted to tell everyone what information I’ve gotten and hopefully, other psychics can share any similar information they’ve gotten and their perspectives, and perhaps we can build a more cohesive view of the situation, what is going to be coming up and how we might be able to prepare for it.

My guides are actually nudging me like crazy to share this information too: I’ve recorded it twice to cut down the length but I can’t get this video under 40 minutes but I just can’t. Sorry for the long video.

To be clear, I do believe the Apocalypse is not the end of the world but simply end of the Piscean Age (and the civilization associated with it) and the entering of the new Aquarian age, which I believe is the beginning of a new civilization. What survives this will be the beginning of a new civilization after the world has reset itself. We in the process of seeing civilization being destroyed and rebuilt. We are the seeds from which a new civilization will grow. This civilization will have its own unique mythology tied to it. Or, it needs to be created from what I understand. The laws, myths and lore of the old age/s do not apply. (According to what I’ve channeled.)

Regardless of what I’ve been receiving is accurate, I wanted to tell everyone that as scary as the current events and world climate may be right now, I hope that everyone can find peace in the death of the negative, rotten and corrupt parts of society and the that a beginning of a new, even better one is and has been being built in it’s place. It should be a returning to nature.

I’m finding more and more information to support both this information that I’ve channeled, and more and more people who have received similar information, so I’ll be updating more about that later!

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