Self-Initiation via Muspelheim

The Self-Initiation through Muspelheim Rite is available for V.K. Jehannum’s Patreon patrons: ❤

Information on Muspelheim

I completed V.K.’s rite of initiation through the world of Muspelheim; I just wanted to write down some of my notes, because some of these I forgot to and/or I wasn’t really able to be shared them in this video. Muspelheim is one of the nine worlds which is home to the fire giants in Norse mythology, and it is ruled by the Jötunn, Surtr. (Surt, Sartyr) His name translated to English might mean soot, which makes sense as he is a fire giant. People have described him as being black in appearance, although when he appeared to me he was white, featureless and did not have hair: almost like a solid white shadow amongst a backdrop of fire. … I know, I’m confused about this too, my best theory is this is because because fire illuminates: it makes things brighter, only after the fire has burned something does it turn black.

It’s curious too that the dark elves are, as implicated by the word Svartalfheim (world of the dark elves) are also supposed to be dark in appearance. The root word Svart meaning swarthy: dark-skinned. If Surtr is supposed to be black in appearance due to fire which is where his name comes from, then why are the dark elves described as also, dark in appearance? These are depicted as the “evil” or bad elves, and Surtr is also often described as being evil, as a jotunn. So it seems that in both cases, dark, soot or swarthy might actually be value judgments possibly later applied by Christians rather than depictions of their actual color. (Dark or black meaning evil)

This is also curious because I got the impression, later when I’d initiated through Alfheim that the dark and light elves are STILL both still part of the same world, and/or that Svartalfheim did not necessarily exist. I already suspect that the Norse world map as we often see it depicted is not accurate, so I did not rule this out as a possibility. This was confirmed later when V.K. and I were talking, he mentioned that Svartalfheim he thought was the same as Charnaggen d’ Oloth. (If I understand that correctly?). Light and dark elves seem to be different polarities of the same world. It’s possible that the “dark” elves aren’t evil at all, and just that, they were deemed by Christianity to be “evil” and later took on such an appearance. It’s known that Christianity made attempts like this to appease and persuade pagans to convert to Christianity, so this might be one of those adaptations that eventually was taken literally or out of context.

According to the myth of Ragnarok, he is said to be the one to kill Odin, destroy the world with fire and allow the Earth to be born anew. I’ve read many different versions of this myth which play out in different ways, so it’s probably necessarily to channel the true information from the Gods directly rather than relying on the scraps that Christianity.

Channeled During the Initiation

Although I’d gotten some bits and pieces of information during the three days of the rite, Surtr formally introduced himself to me on the third night. He gave me some pieces of advice; At the time, I was considering initiating via the planetary spheres (?) but Surtr advised me to complete the initiations via the nine worlds first but simultaneously work in demonolatry and Norse Paganism (two that I am currently following) because “the truth lies between the two”. This makes sense if many of the old gods were labeled demons by Christians after the fact, and there are remnants of Christianity in Paganism and remnants of paganism in Christianity: to get an accurate depiction you need to find and understand parallels between the two and weed out fact from fiction. And, in fact the religions of many different cultures. Advised me to not succumb to the whims and thoughts of others: true illumination is not found in doing that. He informed me that I’d made it through a large chunk of my (less voluntary) shamanic initiation. (Shamanic sickness is subsiding). He mentioned that my ancestors requested/called me, and I should continue to work with them. I’ll receive more formal training in terms of shamanism, now that I’ve progressed more. After that I could pursue other paradigms/ systems, but I was to continue doing one initiation per month.

Developments Post-Initiation

Throughout the days during and after the rite I received some other psychic information/instructions: I was to compare the Book of Revelations with the myth Ragnarok and find parallels that way to string together a more complete version of the end of times. (3/20/20 Edit: I had been getting a lot of information about the end of times, especially the last couple months although I chalked it up to this Muspelheim initiation and the fact that Surtr was supposed to play a role in Ragnarok. Apparently, though other psychics have been getting information about the Apocalypse as well; and then the Coronavirus happened. Here’s an article on the information I’ve gotten since in regard to that.)

I didn’t have time for that so I really put doing that on the back burner, although I developed an intense interest in time, the calendar system (Christian/Roman) and the pre-pagan one, which followed a lunar cycle and was comprised of half-months each which was apparently associated with a rune. Then I got the impression that our calendar system was inaccurate: the end of times and beginning of a new aeon has already happened or is very close, according to the older calendars that were once used and that Christians had benefited from having us believe a new aeon started much later than it actually did. – As an aeon draws nearer to a close, the energies of the end of the old aeon influence the beginning of the new aeon, which can be manipulated for our benefit and to take power away from the powers that be. Because this threatens their power and control over people, this is information that was deliberately kept from us. As I mentioned in this article here. (3/20/20 – I later found that I was not the only one who’d come to this conclusion and that others have found that the end of this age, (referred to in Hinduism as the Kali Yuga) is actually closer to 2025. I am glad that someone else figured this out because I thought I was going to have to reconstruct the entire calendar to pinpoint exactly when the end of this age was actually supposed to be, which is such a large undertaking to the backburner: so this saves me a lot of time and effort. XD

In V.K.’s article about Surtr he mentions that Surtr is associated with the alchemical stage of Calcination. I’ve found that this is appropriate; I didn’t realize that the initiation would have effects on my personality at all, but I found that after I did this initiation I as able to “end” things in my life much easier that were not helpful and were in fact holding me back. … I’m not good at letting go of people or things when I need to go of them, even they are interfering with my life to a huge extent. I consequently feel like I get “trapped” in situations that I don’t want to be in or don’t like to be in but feel obligated to continue out of loyalty or some other virtue. Like I discussed in another video about Helheim, a virtue when it goes to an extreme can actually become a vice that inhibits the person. My sense of loyalty to people who were unhealthy to be around damaged my life, a lot. After this I feel like I’ve been able to just simply “let go” of things, situations, and overall dead weight that needed to be purged from my life so that I can reach my full potential. Whereas losing these people/things would have bothered me for months or years after, I now view them as things that just simply needed to happen, and carrying forward.

Some other changes I’ve noticed are increased courage and confidence and decreased anxiety. Able to move forward and push forward with goals in spite of obstacles. I often lack confidence in my own work and abilities, and whereas that would have stopped me before, I put my work out in spite of it. I view it as something I have to do, even if no one likes it or is really listening. Surprisingly though, I feel as though a lot of people are and that I’m being rewarded for my efforts there.

I’ve also found myself reconnecting with some of the information I’ve lost touch that I’d learned during my shamanic initiation: as far as the web of wyrd and threads of reality are concerned. That’s priceless information, to me, so I’m really glad that I’ve been able to deepen my knowledge about it.

3/20/20 – Recently I had some morbid dream about disembowelment and having my organs removed. … This is kind of a hallmark of shamanic initiation, and one that I am kind of used to at this point. This seems like a good indication that, progress is being made and I’m shedding more of the old parts of myself.

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