Runes: Ing, Ingwaz

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These are some channeled notes I’ve received in regards to different runes. Some information might be accurate and some might not be as this is a skill If I find that I made a mistake or channeling incorrect information, I will continue amending this article. This is meant to be a repository for information I gather about the runes.


Chakra: Navel

How Ing Can Restore the Will to Live

“When you pick a flower, which is born from a seed, that is the beginning of it’s death: it is the separation from it’s roots. This is so with the human spirit: the trauma of being disconnected with it’s roots is enough to kill the life force of the seed. Flowers and plants are picked for superficial, selfish reasons: for beauty, the need own or to possess a thing and have it as your own, results in the death of the thing you are admiring. The human spirit is the same: when trauma happens, when you are removed from the roots from which you have grown, when someone tries to possess a person of their own superficial or selfish reasons, it similarly results in the dampening of the life force of this individual. Too much of this can lead to depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts and actions. These roots, the ground and the dirt that are incubated in are the sustenance from which you grow.

Ing, Ingwaz can restore the will to live, by planting a new seed where the where the old one has been plucked through a disconnected from roots. This is how the will to live, to create and to love is restored through the power of Ing.” _ From what I understand, this was channeled from Freyja. (Which seems like an appropriate rune for her.)

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