The Modern West’s Perspective on Death

This is partly as self-reflection, integrating recent insights and also largely channeled information. This energy felt darker than what I am used to channeling. This seems I guess appropriate though for just having done an initiation via Helheim.

Nature is “god” and natural law is the only true law: the only true laws that I, and anyone else are bound by. These in Norse Mythology are referred to as Urd, or primal laws. It’s impossible to break a natural law: if you break a natural law, you can become sick or you might die. Entire societies who break natural law will wipe themselves out: they will become sick, and die. What we are experiencing now is a result of breaking the many, many natural laws that exist on this planet. We are not meant to live in large populations and create societies so large that humanity needs to rape the environment in order to sustain them. We’ve upset a natural balance on the planet and the gods have come to collect payment.

[The image I received here was of the tower of Babel. I’m not sure why biblical imagery is being used, maybe this indicates the origin of the information, but with technology we’ve allegorically built a tower to the heavens and it’s being leveled by the Gods because it interferes with these natural laws that cannot be broken. The natural laws I refer to are not necessarily natural laws spoke of in the bible. These are primal, natural laws also referred to as Urlag in Norse Mythology: the layers of ancestral memory and ancestral events that have come before us, and are unchangeable. I will write more on Urlag in the future. This allegory of the Tower of Babel in relation to where society is at right now also came to me years ago when I was communicating telepathically with what seemed like a council of extraterrestrials. This could be an indication that this information is coming from them.]

This isn’t to say that if you follow all natural laws, your life will be spared. Death itself is a natural law. Death is objective and indiscriminate: it does not grant special treatment to people who are rich, or poor, or who are supposed to have privileges or to those who have been oppressed; It does not have regard for the human construct of rights. Everyone dies. Some people die prematurely, but eventually, everyone does. We are not ever stopping death, we are just prolonging it. We are so afraid of premature death that we have multi-billion dollar healthcare and insurance industries, who profit off of the illnesses of others. Science believes that it is above nature: it looks for ways to cure illnesses. Although this is a noble effort, it prolongs the inevitable. It extends the expiration date on ones life further. Multibillion dollar corporations profit off of this extension of inevitable death. There is a function and a purpose for death, although society is far removed from it. We do not understand it, we are not comfortable with it.

We view death as the worst thing that could possibly happen: we view death as an end. Maybe athiests more so than others: the worst offender of this: believing that death is simply an end, and there is no life, not anything that comes after. Some of us, although we feel Christian in identity might not be entirely convinced of the existence of heaven. Thus we view death, even subconsciously, as an end to our existence in it’s entirety. (At least in most Western countries. Many Eastern cultures believe in the cycle of reincarnation.) It’s the worst that could possibly happen to us; It’s the worst that could happen to our family members.

We are incredibly disconnected with the reality of our own mortality: we don’t like thinking about it. We turn the other way, and it comes as a shock when we see it in everyday life, whether it be our friends, our family or people across the globe. We view death as the greatest misfortune, the saddest thing that could happen. Consequently, our fear of death and our avoidance of it breeds cowardice and running from it. It breeds dishonorable behavior. There is no such thing as nobility anymore: because we are so afraid of death, and dying. We will not risk their lives to save the lives of others. Nobility and honour are traits that are missing from Western society.

Pre-Christian pagan religions who practice ancestor veneration and worship viewed death as another part of life. They were fully aware of the fact that, even after death, a part of the spirit remains. Some Germanic tribes believed that the other part of the spirit is reincarnated into their tribe/family/bloodline. Although death might have been a sad, difficult event, they were much more comfortable with the idea of death and understood its necessity in the grander scheme of life. They understood that after one dies, it is not a complete end: it is a transmutation into the spirit form, where they can still be contacted, communicated with and called upon. We don’t assign such an importance on death today.

Because of the removal of these beliefs about the afterlife and the ability to communicate with the dead that came along with Christianity, the death is now something that is grieved over for a long time: the thought of not being able to communicate with that person ever again is agonizing. We’ve been conditioned to shut off these faculties that allow us to communicate with them, deeming them not real or insane. This to me is criminal. It’s not accurate, and it’s criminal to lead people to agonize over such things needlessly.

We push it as far out of our minds as though it doesn’t and won’t ever exist. We, in the West are even SO uncomfortable with death that we are afraid of aging! We no longer have or embrace the archetypal “wise woman” that once existed: we fear getting old. Western society views beauty and youth as the most important traits: we believe that to be important or valuable that we need to be pretty or youthful. The value in aging is lost. We have been deprived of tribal elders that once existed and were respected in our societies, because of this shift in belief in death.

The function of death is a pruning the same as that of pruning a garden. It frees people of prisons that they are in, whether it be sickness, addiction, depression, the achiness and tiredness that comes with being old. Sometimes people with none of these things die prematurely: but they are not ever gone completely. This is the healthiest perspective on death. I’m not celebrating the fact that people are dying, but negating the reality of the situation and expecting it to be anything other than what it is is fruitless. In times like this it’s easy to struggle with finding a meaning in these seemingly chaotic events. But, focus on things outside of your sphere of influence, will only make you feel more out of control. Focusing on the things that are within your control: that is, your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs and attitudes can help you navigate the many catastrophic and awful things that are happening in the world right now.

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