The Mystery of Unrecorded Runes

Some information came to me about the runes the other day as I was writing down the runic alphabet. As I write this I have information or psychic information jumping into my head, which I’m just going to notate in italics throughout this blog for me to analyze later. So, if you see weird nonsense in italics, it’s probably for my reference or might help you to even figure out the message that’s being conveyed to me.

Although I can’t exactly say for sure what the glowing red symbols in Ginnungagap during my shamanic initiation, it’s safe to say that these were runes, describing broad patterns and energies throughout the universe. I hadn’t been an adherent of Germanic paganism at the time, so I couldn’t say for sure that what I had seen were runes that were actually in existence. I did describe them initially as being “runes, but more complex”. It was this profound experience that had led me toward following the Germanic Heathenry. After some time, I’d heard about there being unrecorded runes, which seemed to verify what I’d seen: that there very well might be runes even more complex than we are aware of.

The story of how Guido von List found the Armanen runes is also an interesting one, that adds validity to this idea. According to Wikipedia, (which probably came from an actual publication of List’s, although I am not sure which one) the runes were revealed to him during an 11 month period of blindness following cataract surgery. If you’ve seen my video about some extra notes about the shamanic state of consciousness, you’ll know that the Egyptians (and likely other cultures) used sensory deprivation to achieve higher states of consciousness, that could be shamanic in nature. After 11 months of darkness, (or blindness) I have no doubt that this might have caused a similar state of consciousness where such information, runes and patterns were revealed to him. He didn’t, of course physically see these, but rather saw them in his “mind’s eye”, or the third eye, which I very well know to be how these visions are receieved and consider his experience to be genuine and valid. The possibility of there being even more unrecorded runes is very real.

According to Sallie Nichols’ book, Jung and the Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, the 22 major arcana cards are divided up into three rows that represent The Realm of Earthly Reality/Ego consciousness (middle), which mediates between the Realm of the Gods (top row) and the Realm of Illumination and Self-Realization. (bottom row.) Minus the one Fool card which kind of wanders around wherever, which is 0. This also has me wondering if this corresponds with the runes being divided into three separate Aetts, each attributed to a god. The minor arcanas might possibly be combinations of those energies. I decided I’d have to chew on this a little more to make sense of it.

Just the other day, as I was writing down the runic alphabet recently, some information began coming in claircognizantly that I felt compelled to write down. I feel as though the runes correlate with the 22 major arcana cards. Although I haven’t pieced together which ones correspond to which. One that stuck out most seemed to be Radio, which represents movement or possibly the Wheel of Fortune. (‘A Line Allows progress a circle does not.’) Fehu might possibly be the wheel of fortune, but it seems that the word for Raido can also mean wheel. Time is not linear, it’s helical, rather so it would make sense that movement cannot necessarily always be forward, in a straight line. (Othala can represent wealth as is it ancestral inheritance although this is more karmic in nature. Karmic as in, the threads of wyrd lead to a certain fortune or misfortune in the family that gets passed throughout generations. Possibly not tangible wealth. It is that which is inherited through generational actions. In this way, Othala represents the layers of Urlag as they are in Mimir’s Well. This kind of wealth is less material in nature.)

I began to notice the discrepancies in some of the meanings: they seemed to look incomplete. For example, we have two runes definitely denoting time: Jera (yearly cycle) (Notice the helical, rather than liner nature of the Jera rune. The year, time is not a straight line) and Dagaz, representing day. From what I understand, prior to Christianity, they had used a lunar calendar: a calendar based on moon cycles as opposed to ours, which is based on a solar calendar. (I talked about some of these time discrepancies between our old calendar and the present one here and how we might have been intentionally misled, but this is beside the point.) From what I understand too: there was not necessarily a “month”, but a half months, or a fortnight, each which had a specific rune attributed to it. (Although I’m not sure why or how this would be possible if there were more than 24 runes. It’s possible that the runes are wrongly being attributed to these half months.) It’s interesting that there would only be two runes attributed to time keeping or cycles, when we know there were others.

A couple runes represent gods: Tyr being one of them, Ing being another (and I feel like I’m missing one). It’s interesting that there would be only two different gods represented in the set of runes.

A couple runes seem to also represent each of the elements (Uruz is the ground, the Earth) Although not all of them are necessarily accounted for. Laguz obviously represents water, but I know (from my own experience) can represent knowledge, memories, etc. Nauthiz could possibly represent fire (need-fire) Kenaz, illumination comes after the fire. Need-fire can be the lack that generates creativity out of desperation. Illumination, Kenaz would be the illumination occurring after the need-fire. Spirit is represented by Ansuz: the voice (breath) of the gods, or could represent air. We also have one meaning Hail, which… Well, this seems to be the same as ice.

There are a couple runes denoting animals: Fehu did not mean wealth, it meant cattle which was presumed to be a measurement of wealth at the time. We have Uruz (the bull), Ehwaz meaning horse (which can also represent the bond between a master and a servant, a horse and the rider, the soldier and high ranking officials, between a man and a woman. These are two Laguz runes turned inward. It could be a combination of the knowledge or well of wisdom that comes with each individual, connecting in union. We have Algiz, which in symbol seems to represent antlers of a deer or another animal. Of course this rune we commonly understand to mean protection. It’s interesting that, there are only these animals, and very similar animals at that, described within the runes, especially when we know so many to be sacred to the gods. (Odhinn may be based on Herne, which was the God of the Hunt which might explain why these animals are so similar. Of what significance were animals or runes to Odin?)

Two of these runes represent trees: Berkana (Birch) and Eihwaz, representing Yew. It’s interesting that these trees were represented while there are so many trees that were sacred.

Some we could say represent different parts of man: Perthro for example being symbolic of the womb (seed is born of need) and voice could also be considered a human quality. We have a rune for man himself, but woman is not present. I have a handful of other runes that I haven’t been able to categorize outside of themselves. I then began to think about the things that were NOT represented by the 24 futhark runes: woman, darkness, the moon, negative emotion, poverty (possibly nauthiz).

My main point though, is that there seems to be a polarity missing from many of these. Knowing that many times things that seem like opposites are the same just different polarities of the same thing. Interesting that, the sun, joy, man/men are represented and with some of these, not what Eastern cultures would be consider the feminine “yang” energy. There is no moon despite calendar systems being lunar. There is no rune that denotes a month, or a half-month. Interestingly, the name month comes from the German word monat, which I (for some reason) associate with the word moon. (Whether this is official somewhere I’m not sure) It makes sense, that a month might be based on the observation of the moon or the length of the moon to complete a cycle. As we know about Christianity, who worships Jesus: the sun, and has a “solar” calendar. I think this is an interesting connection and one that leads me to wonder if what we understand to be the runic alphabet aren’t just scraps left to us by Christians, presumably to prevent certain magick from being used.

As we know, the runes were not initially used as an alphabet, but were symbols represented words for concrete objects: and likely had magickal significance. “Spelling” is called spelling, for a reason. “Curse” words are curses for a reason.

As a began writing these out, a certain story or a song or story started coming to my mind, much like the way that the major arcanas of the tarot form a story. It’s possible that these 24 runes do/did form a story. (Possibly that some are missing.) Perhaps this story is similar to what Guide von List suggested is codeified.

By this time I put myself into a trance in order to discern more information. As I thought about this and all of the different energies that are represented by the runes and how they pertain to each living thing, each item, each event, each process: it seemed very important that I understand these runes and their interplay with everyday, mundane life; I recieved images that I was, in a small way, making my way back to the state of consciousness I was once in where I was able to perceive this information, although not nearly to the same extent as last time. (Which is great because I don’t feel like having my consciousness ripped apart today.)

If I remember correctly, I’d asked my gatekeeper to connect me with this appropriate state of consciousness to gain additional information. I’m going to experiment a little bit more with this technique and report back at some point.

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