April 2020 Etsy Shop Updates

My stock has been kind of dwindling because of the massive popularity of some of our products over Christmas (and now this whole Coronavirus ordeal.) I’ve namely been selling out of skulls, scrying mirrors and rune beads. I’ve started to make the scrying mirrors made to order and had to extend the processing time a little bit, but this should be easier to keep them from running out every week or so.

I’ve started selling beaver skulls, but they are selling out faster than I can keep up with. This is actually turning into a very weird, morbid hobby. I feel like Danzig over here: I want your skulls. I need your skulls. Luckily, we do have one deer skull in stock at the moment. (woo!)

I’ve also begun looking into selling wet prep specimens, various animal parts (animal sorcery anyone?) and tiny taxidermy mice dioramas of mice dressed in cute little clothes doing outrageous things like riding motorcycles, reading tarot cards and having tea parties. This initially horrified me, then I was horrified that I was intrigued by them, now I’m just intrigued by them and I don’t care what anyone says, I need to dress up dead mice in cute costumes. Anyway, that will take a little while to get off the ground.

Runes made of deer antlers I’ve been working on.

In the mean time, I *have* been working on some making runes made of deer antlers and they’re looking pretty cool so far. But I decided that what would be even better than that is: runes made out of wolf toe bones. In the process of procuring materials to make those. For now, the deer antler runes will be going up for sale pretty soon.

Moving away from slightly less morbid things: I’ve began selling tinctures on my Etsy shop. This isn’t enough to look really special or anything. I also don’t know if anyone noticed, but photography is not my strong suit. But! I do have Red Raspberry Leaf tincures (great for PMS and hormonal problems) as well as Rose Hip tincture (great for Rheumatoid Arthritis and inflammation) up for sale now.

My innovative tincture package design combines with horrible photography.

Tomorrow a couple more tinctures will be ready for me to strain: Valerian Root & Chamomile (this is my sleep/anxiety blend) and Pennyroyal Tincture. Kurt Cobain was said to have used this to help with stomach pain: it also happens to be an abortifacient and is used in regulating menstrual periods amongst other things. It also happens to be potentially poisonous, so I’m not sure if I want to sell that one in my shop yet. Oh, back to morbid things: the third tincture that’s currently in the extraction process is beaver castoreum tincture, which is used in perfumery, as an aphrodisiac, headache relief and apparently anxiety. I have yet to verify or try this. I am slightly afraid to. But hey, at least we have one tincture that seems pretty solid.

I worked on decoupaging some tins with an old Alice in Wonderland book so that I could make candles with them. … The candle tins look amazing. The candles themselves? Smell great. But they have a very weird texture, because I decided to try out wax that wasn’t soy wax to finish the rest of this candle set. (?!) Note to self: Products going up for sale are not the time to experiment with interesting candle waxes. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing with them tbh. The candle that doesn’t look like ass might stay up for sale, or I might put all of them on clearance incase someone decides the awesomeness of the tins outweighs the wonky-ness of the candle wax and would like to buy them. They’re decorative tins anyway, right? You can throw out my candle wax and put trinkets in them? I don’t know, states are legalizing marijuana so you could probably put your weed in there? (jk) (I’d rather you didn’t.) The possibilities are endless.

One candle in here is a perfect soy candle, the rest are horrendous. It’s a shell game.

My daughter and I have been making scrunchies as of late. Made a listing for scrunchies on Etsy bc they looked pretty cute, might delete later idk. (jk) I’ve been working on a ton of stuff over here. More than I can really keep straight. I have more blog/video ideas than I can keep straight. … Good news: look for some awesome content and products coming up soon. 🙂

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