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INTJ-T. Book hoarding, Writing. Researching. Pretty socially reclusive because I am working or nerding out over things. Sometimes I go on adventures, though.

Oh, hey.

I’m Ashh. I began channeling spirits through automatic writing when I was about 15. I went through a shamanic crisis/initiation (of the Northern European sort) when I was 23 years old. I have considered myself a Germanic pagan and practicing witch since. I learned reiki, a form of energy healing almost 3 years ago, and have since gone on to develop my own healing system using runes. I’ve recently been integrating some facets of theistic satanism /demonolatry into my work since I believe there is some overlap between my belief systems. I run a blog, a YouTube channel and also an Etsy shop and am beginning to offer spiritual services more openly.

What I Do

Energy Healing

Tarot & Rune Readings

Tarot Readings

(Some) Spell Work

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You can book appointments for services with me using my Facebook page or just by messaging me.