How Reiki Transformed My Life

Reiki has transformed my life in such profound ways that I don’t think a simple “benefits of reiki” post can really do it justice. Although many people who aren’t aware of the subtle energies that are impacting them every day consider reiki to be “quackery” or to simply be operating on the placebo effect, I think its influence on my life has been too dramatic to simply be a placebo. Not to mention, if I were just experiencing a placebo effect, why would I have had to try countless medications prescribed by doctors before experiencing said placebo effect? Wouldn’t the “placebo effect” of medication be enough to have the same benefits? As I hope to outline in this blog post, “reiki” is anything but.

My First Experience with Reiki

I first came across reiki on YouTube, ironically. At first I thought, “This is so silly, energy can’t possibly be transmitted via a computer screen. … Can it?” Being that I am quite fond science and using the scientific method, I decided to conduct an experiment that has been unthinkable by medical professionals everwhere: I watched the damn video and observed the impact that it had on me. A couple minutes in, I noticed I was hearing a barely perceptible ringing noise, and that I was starting to feel clear headed. A minute more and I started to feel notably less anxious. After about 8 minutes in I was so relaxed that I entered somewhat of a trance state and felt as though I could fall asleep. It felt like I had just taken a Xanax. This was mindblowing to me because I had been off of my depression, anxiety and an ADHD medication for quite some time and was trying to cope with my symptoms naturally. I had felt better than I had since even before I stopped taking them in the first place! (Assuming I built a tolerance to these medications they stopped working, and seemed to almost increase my panic attacks.)

I couldn’t believe it! I sorted through the comments, with people who had experienced similar and even more profound symptoms: claims that they could feel their chakras each tingling as each one was cleared blockages being removed, being spontaneous emotional releases, having spiritual epiphanies, and more than I could count.

I’m no stranger to the chakra system, as I had been working with crystal healing a couple months earlier (yet another thing I thought was a load of bs until I tried it myself) and experienced the same feeling: of some invisible objects in my chest that I didn’t even know I had being pulled out of me. This was accompanied by the surfacing of memories that were long forgotten about! This I’d come to understand as energy blockages being removed from my chakras and a re-experiencing of the emotions that created the bloackages, along with a feeling of relief as they drifted away. It literally felt as though a weight had been lifted out of my chest. I didn’t know that this kind of healing could be done without crystals and via video. I checked out a couple more videos to make sure I wasn’t just imagining the whole thing, but sure enough: I’d experienced the exact same emotional releases, the same relaxation, feeling like I could actually breathe for once, and yes: even that really cool “tingling” and “lightness” sensation in each of my chakras that came with the “Reiki Chakra Clearing” video.

The Implicatons of Reiki

I was fascinated not only by the video’s effects, but even more than that were the implications of the fact that: ENERGY CAN BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH VIDEO. THROUGH TIME. THROUGH SPACE. What?! If positive energy could be transmitted through video: what does that say about negative energy? Can we be affected by watching negative things in movies or on television? What universal laws were actually governing these energies?

I’m sure there are people reading this are going, “BUT… SCIIIIENNNNCE!!!” (You know, in a really nasally voice, condescending tone awhile adjusting their thick rimmed glasses.) Well, here you go. I have a science for you: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity [1] [2] which states that time moves differently around different objects and the futher you move from Earth. [3] We know that time moves differently around large objects such as planets, stars and black holes. (You know, bc it’s a void.) (Not to be confused with THE void, which… time moves differently there too. But I digress…) Hell, it apparently even moves differently upstairs. [4] This might even be able to explain different occult phenomena or unsolved mysteries (spirit portals/energy vortexes, the Bermuda triangle, time going faster or slower in haunted locations, or that one time time that guy got Krishna a drink of water but stopped to talk to some girl for a little bit and when he was gone Krishna was all like “you were gone for like 100 years dude wth” demonstrating how differently time moves for Krishna, etc.) The point Einstein was making here was actually that although time is subjectively experienced as linear and moving forward, it is actually everywhere (and nowhere) all at once. Everything has already happened, we just experience it subjectively at a much slower pace. The Newtonian paradigm on which science as we know it is founded upon, leaves a lot to be desired.

Reiki, then, does not operate in this linear perception of time that we commonly believe is reality. It is actually governed by the laws of Quantum Physics, where time and space don’t have boundaries, and are everwhere and nowhere. Thus, I can send reiki to myself my past, an event in the future, my fiancee in another country, random people on the internet (all of which I have done) I can send reiki now and reiki will be experienced 10 years from now. Like many other subtle energies that people like to believe don’t exist, does not follow the Newtonian paradigm of science. As you can imagine, this understanding of subtle energy, time and space radically shifted the way that I view reality and the world. It re-shaped what I deem possible or impossible. This is aside from the actual health and other benefits.

Learning Reiki Myself

After experiencing the benefits of reiki for myself, I went on to learn how to heal myself and others with reiki. Actually, it was specifically so that I could send reiki healing to my boyfriend in England, who I was unable to speak to or talk to for months at the time due to some very awful circumstances. Distance reiki is more of a Level II thing, so I went through both levels very fast. I know a lot of people will probably balk at that, but hey: I haven’t had any adverse effects from it. Distance reiki was really the level of healing that I needed to do at the time. I went on to do the Master level reiki course a year later. So, I can now attune other people to reiki.

I actually plan on putting together some courses later in the year as well as distance attunements, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when they come out 🙂

Ways My Life Has Changed Since

  1. I am notoriously bad at sleeping. I’d tried everything for it: sleeping meds, ZzQuil, Melatonin… Since I discovered reiki I cannot name a single night I’ve had a hard time sleeping.
  2. I’m able to help my boyfriend and other people clear their chakras from a distance!
  3. There was this other time I actually had to remove an entity from someone from a distance. … That was pretty cool. I might have developed a way to do an astral banishing rite. Which, I might write about later.
  4. I don’t really have panic attacks like I used to.
  5. I’ve been more energetic and feel “lighter”. (This is of course due to optimal energy flow.)
  6. My depression for the most part has been non-existent.
  7. I was able to move past a lot of traumatic events and a lout of mourning by removing energetic bloackages in my heart chakra. Which, actually got so bad that my chest would ache. Sometimes it still does, but I at least know what to do about it now instead of going into a doctor only to have them be like “Lucie we really don’t know why you have achey breaky chest pains please take more xanax and stop calling us. Can I interest you in some birth control or SSRI’s tho.”
  8. I was able to send reiki to myself during past traumatic events and heal a lot of the energetic damage.,
  9. Grounding is way easier. I’m really lazy with this sometimes when doing magickal work so its easier to just put on a reiki video.
  10. FINANCES. I was experimenting with using runes in combination with reiki and was able to send myself money in the future AND remove blockages that I have to financial abundance.
  11. When I hear about people I know suffering online, I don’t feel helpless about not being able to help them anymore. (This used to really bother me.) I’ve even had roughly 85% of clients report similar life changing experiences as I had: Crown chakra opening, hearing deceased loved ones, having on of their deceased loved ones contact me during a session to relay a message, and helping someone who was told they only had a year or so to live to “finally be able to get out of bed for the first time in months”.
  12. And, hearing that I have had such a profound impact on the lives of others helps add value to my own life, which is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life.


There’s more to reiki than “quackery” or a placebo effect. The mind-body connection is indeed a powerful thing. The irony is that the same mechanisms involved in the placebo effect taking place are the same mechanisms that cause people to be believe so strongly, that reiki does not work, in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary staring them in the face. They’re so convinced that reiki doesn’t work, that they don’t recieve any benefit of from it whatsoever. Even more, that they believe metaphysics don’t exist. That parapsychology is just pseudoscience. I genuinely believe that if we, as a society, are able to shift our perspectives away from the Newtonian science and instead toward Quantum physics, we would be able to explain far more about the universe than we could ever comprehend, and create a civilization that is capable of truly amazing things.


[1] I don’t want to go as far as to say this IS Einstein’s theory, as it’s been speculated that Einstein is a plagiarist and a fraud: a claim that I intend on investigating at some point.

[2] Pre-Christian religions like Germanic Heathenry, the broader umbrella that Norse Paganism fits under, actually had a miraculous understanding of this concept of time, as demonstrated by folklore in the three norns: Urd, Verdani and Skuld who were said to govern the past, present and “that which has not happened yet..” In old German, there was no word for “future”. The closest word meant “that which hasn’t yet happened.” Early pagan religions also viewed time as cyclic, or a spiral, more accurately.



Western Medicine is Fake Science

Many people who aren’t familiar with the subtle energies of the world that influence them on a daily basis, and regard reiki and many metaphysical or occult practices to be a “sham”, psychosomatic, quackery, a placebo effect modern day snake oil salesman, ad nauseum. The so called scientific community are the biggest offenders of this. It is comprimsed almost entirely by people whose entire knowledge base is founded on Western medicine and “science”. Both of which have one use, and one use only: to make insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical professsionals that peddle the pharmaceuticals money. Money, money and more money. Not to help other people: it’s to make the powers that be filthy rich off of the suffering and misery of others. The supression of genuine knowledge might be another use, but it is maybe a biproduct of financial gains. I find it amusing that the “science” everyone so dogmatically stands by as though it were religion, citing studies like gospel, is the same “science” that made Perdue Pharma billions of dollars by killing hundreds of thousands of people with opioids [1] and ruining the lives of countless others with addiction. These numbers are still climbing. There’s piles upon piles of empirical research to support the effectiveness of opioids for relieving pain (of course htese conveniently ignore the obviously catastrophic impact it’s having). Their “science” has a body count, and not a small one, either. … I could rant about this all day, but the fact is: maybe “science” and “Western medicine” have a couple blindspots. (by blindspots I mean gaping holes so big that they need to look in the opposite direction.) It’s not that they know better than anyone else, it’s just that they have a different set of knowledge, based of different premises.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are taking an actual scientific approach: understanding that we know very little about the universe, that the first step to knowledge is admitting that we know nothing and being open to changing our perspectives in light of new information. I think that magickians and metaphysicians know this better than anyone: we work with things that science deems impossible on a daily basis. (Although, the field of Quantum physics can easily explain much of it, but doctors aren’t quantum physicists, or occultists or metaphysicians for that matter…) It’s not that doctors know more or know better, it’s they have a very different and very specific set of knowledge that they choose to stick their noses up at instead of looking at what is right in front of them: observable truth.

The audacity of Western Medicine asserting itself as superior to other “knowledge bases” is also kind of amusing. India, which is one of the world’s oldest civilzations and has miraculously recorded a much larger span of history. Who is to say that Western Medicine is any more valid than Vedic sciences, which have stood the test of time and continue to be used to this day? With which practices like reiki are compatible? Or alchemy, science on which modern medicine is founded on? Herbalism: which uses the same constituents from same exact plants that pharmaceutical companies use to make the medications they they sell back to us, at the cost of our own lives? It’s the epitome of arrogance.

This article was meant to be about the ways that reiki has changed my life, but I’ve gone off on another critique of Western medicine. (Yes, this is a regular occurence with me. XD) However, I think this (pretty inflammatory) post might have needed to be written more than just another blog listicle. Overall, I’m just sick of Western Medicine killing my friends, completely destroying my life and the people around me, while meanwhile snidely attacking anything in my life that’s been genuinely helped me. If it WAS due to a placebo effect, and if the people with piles of anecdotal evidence are so susceptible to the placebo effect, then it probably would have kicked in for one of the hundred medications they put me and everyone else on. *shrugs* Just saying.

Do you have complaints about Western Medicine? Leave them in the comment section below so we can start a club.

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8 Things That Happen When You Do the Lesser Banishing & Middle Pillar Rituals Daily

The Lesser Banishing Ritual (LBRP) was a ritual that was developed by the Order of the Golden Dawn (you know, Aliester Crowley & Company) but has now become one of the fundamentals of most magickal traditions and, from what it seems like, some new age circles. I’ve, weirdly even noticed this practice in the beginning of different meditations on YouTube from people such as Steve Nobel.  In fact, this ritual was so important that initiates of the order were to perform this (and only this) ritual for the first year or so, before undertaking any other magickal work. The reason for this actually makes a lot of sense: it banishes “negative” energies. It’s incredibly effective for banishing energies or spirits that are interfering with your everyday life. Although these energies impact average people on a daily basis without them even realizing it, magickians (occultists, metaphysicians…) are actively involved in practices that can go awry and provide an opportunity for allowing unintended spirits guests into your space. (Perhaps you even DID invite one into your space that you wish you hadn’t) The LBRP is an effective tool for banishing unwanted energies and is, therefore a good “spiritual hygiene” practice. Many us

There are many different ways of doing this ritual. The original (Golden Dawn) way of conducting this ritual involves calling upon various different archangels  and is based in the Qabalah. Me, being ultra-heathen and rejecting Abrahamic religions wherever I can avoid them, opted for the more edgy version by Stephen Bleach, referred to as The Banishing Rite of the Dark Lord ( where the archangel  names and Hebrew words are replaced with different “demon” names. My guides have informed me that this version is more powerful. I assume this version is still based on the “tree of life” (Qabalah) to some extent since,  all that seems to have been done was done is replacing names. Maybe I will create a version based on the Tree of Wyrd (Hebdomadry) in the future, but it’s probably best to master a thing before you can go about breaking the rules. As you’ll soon see, the LBRP is working just fine. 

What is the Middle Pillar Ritual, then? Whereas the LBRP focuses on Banishing and directing energy externally , the Middle Pillar ritual (Edgy non-abrahamic alternative: “INFERNAL MIDDLE PILLAR”) is focusing more internally and is working with the energy centers in the body. I think this was based on the Qabalah again and Israel Regardie’s something or other. Like the LBRP, probably had a higher purpose but, is now promoted by even Llewelyn Press as a daily practice for clearing the psychic centers. From what I understand though, Eastern modes of thought focus on raising Kundalini energy from the lower, base chakra to the upper crown chakra can be potentially dangerous. I can attest to the fact it can literally fry brain cells. (Oopsies.) (That’s actually a fun story for another time.) Luckily, there is a Western version that focuses on opening the energy centers in the reverse direction: from the crown chakra to the root or base chakra. (Which naturally leads me to wonder: can you fry your root chakra? I want to say let’s find out, but we had better not.) 

The link above has more information about the benefits if you’d really like to know. What I can give you is, my own personal experiences with doing the LBRP and MP rituals daily. The minimal length of time suggested is 6 months, but the benefits were so vast that I actually continued it beyond a year. I think it might even be longer than that, but the first 8 months I did the LBRP, I only used the banishing Earth pentagram in every single direction. (Oops?) But did it work, you might ask? In hindsight, this is probably why so many stable things in my life (my relationship, one of my freelancing jobs…) became very rocky and dramatic. That’s probably to be expected when you banish Earth energy every night before bed. (… Lesson learned.) I’ve been doing it correctly for a year and a half now, though, and I wanted to provide a list of things I’ve noticed during the course of that time.  

Note: Due to being on the LHP and not necessarily thinking in dichotomies like “good” and “evil”, my intention with banishing is always whatever is conducive or not to my will, intentions and health. 

Increased intuition/psychic abilities. Prior to doing these rituals, I had been working on psychic development for years and getting absolutely nowhere. Books made it seem so easy, but I got nowhere. After doing the LBRP and MP rituals for a couple weeks, I watched my psychic abilities gradually unfold and I could actually understand how to use them! I’d received my first clairaudient message from a friend who had passed away. “Separator” by Radiohead, which seem to be describing how they felt about dying and affirming that they were doing much better where they were.

“Like I’m falling out of bed
From a long and vivid dream
Finally I’m free of all the weight I’ve been carrying.”

These instances also rapidly picked up, and I was receiving psychic messages on a regular basis.  Slightly more unsettling was clairaudient messages in the form of the song “Wonderwall” or from bands like WHAM!. You decide whether this is a benefit or is actually some sort of a freakish curse.

More turmoil and depression. Well, this could actually be due to the fact that I was banishing Earth consistently for 8 months. I did scour the internet though for reasons that everything in my life was falling apart and consulted an occultist who suggested these might be that things not benefitting my life were being chaotically removed. In hindsight, I think they were right. The things I have lost were things that made me miserable and well, thankfully my relationship is still intact. I did also feel like I was more depressed and emotionally flat at some points, but again this might have something to do with me performing the ritual wrong. I actually had to counteract this by doing invoking rituals in the morning to balance out the effects.

More grounded and a clearer mind. The grounding effect that the LBRP ritual has is almost immediate. As an added benefit, I felt like my mental space was a lot clearer. My thoughts are usually a jumbled, unorganized mess, but for some reason I could hear myself think. I guess this might be due to a lot of “debris” that was hanging around, clouding my thoughts being banished. This is one of the primary benefits that keep me doing this ritual daily.

An urge to tidy up my space. I’m not saying that I was like a super messy person or anything, but the lack of clarity of my mind seemed to almost impact my ability to organize my home. Cleaning was more of a chore. But when I started doing the LBRP regularly, I found myself automatically picking up after myself and keeping everything tidy. I really became aware of the connection between thoughts and environment: if your thoughts are cluttered, your environment will be too and vice versa.

The ability to sense and direct energy. I already had this to some extent due to being a reiki practitioner, but this was when I began to more easily sense energies that were not of the reiki kind. Even more than that, I learned how to direct that energy better. This is a really great benefit if you are a practicing witch. I mean, that’s kind of what witchery is. I also noticed that my spell work improved. 

Improved manifesting power. In addition to becoming more effective at spellcasting, I also found myself manifesting things that I wanted quickly. I absolutely love thrifting, but around this time it seemed like every time I went thrifting I manifested something cool that I needed or wanted.

Building a personal relationship with the spirits called on.  This is another benefit of the ritual. I felt as though I worked with the visualizations in the ritual, they seemed to “come alive”. I felt like I developed a closer relationship to spirits that I was unfamiliar with before, or forming connections between them and the framework of knowledge I already have. I found, for some reason, that Leviathan’s energies were particularly comforting and I found myself sitting with them regularly. 

Tingling or vibrating sensations. I am not a stranger to this, because I am a reiki practitioner. But, I did notice the same tingling sensation, mostly around chakras in my face. (Weird minor chakras like the cheeks…) I think it’s safe to say that this is how I sense energy, but this is kind of a testament to the energy generated during these rituals.

More vivid dreams. I seriously had some weird dreams. I write down my dreams but don’t often analyze them, but sometimes I look back on them and laugh at how ridiculous they are. I noticed a lot more dreams with a “real” quality though, as though I was actually astrally projecting. Perhaps even more weird is that when I do these rituals, I start having a ton of  OTHER people tell me that I appear in THEIR dreams. 

So, those are just a couple benefits or things I noticed from practicing these rituals every day, just incase you are considering doing them, or are already doing them and are wondering how your experiences compare to others. If that’s the case, feel free to post your experience with these rituals in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

Is Reading About the Occult Dangerous?

As if I didn’t have enough things to write about, I’ve started gathering inspiration for my blog posts from Quora questions about the occult. Because when I get asked even simple questions about the occult, it usually prompts a really long-winded, poetic kind of essay from me that the asker was not prepared for and did not want to hear. That’s a perfectly good essay, that went to waste. So, in an effort to make the time I spend writing these soliloqies more productive, I’m just going to start throwing them onto my blog just incase other people have the same question and might be too afraid to ask. But, on to our question.

The actual question was:

Is reading about the occult dangerous, even if I’m only reading and not practicing?

The occult is often portrayed as some spooky, extremely dangerous topic. However, the actual definition of the word occult is “hidden”. An apparently updated dictionary definition is: “to shut off from view or exposure.” This is an appropriate word for it: as it’s describing a layer of existence that overlaps our own, yet is “hidden” from view. It’s as if these things are at another frequency and because we are on another one, we often don’t see or “tune into” it, like a radio station.

With that being said, reading about the occult is not any more dangerous than is not reading about it: since this layer of existence is there, impacting us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychically: whether society chooses to acknowledge it or not. As with laws of nature, not being aware of the “unseen” doesn’t make you immune to the effects of it. If you are not aware of the law of gravity and you jump from a cliff, you will still be severely injured, regardless of whether you believe in the law of gravity or you do not. Learning about the law of gravity can’t hurt you: It’s not knowing about the law of gravity that is going to be the most dangerous. That was you can at least be informed about which places are safe to jump from and which are likely to break your face.

The same is true of the occult. NOT knowing about the occult is far more dangerous than knowing about it. If you’re not aware of how to utilize your intuition (or psychic senses) you might miss out on dire warnings from your guides and be put in harms way or killed. If you’re not aware of how the chakra system works, and how it impacts your physical, mental and emotional health, you can get very sick, have chronic illnesses and emotional issues. If you don’t know how to protect yourself from things such as psychic attacks, accidental (or intentional) curses from others, thoughtforms that might be working against your benefit, etc. all of those can wreak havoc on your life and you won’t even know it. Those who don’t know about the occult often chalk it up to bad luck, ill health, a physical disorder, etc. when the problem might very well be psychic or energetic.

So, the thing is, when you do start studying the occult and you become aware of the mechanics of the unseen, and how this layer of existence operates within our own reality, (both positively and negatively), it becomes necessary to apply that knowledge in away that you’re protected from the negative influences, and increase the positive influences. It’s very difficult to read about metaphysics or the occult, understand it and believe it to be true, without ever applying it or doing something that is considered occult in some way, even if it is benevolent. Practicing some of these protection methods or utilizing these methods aren’t necessarily dangerous either, and won’t “open you up” to any “evil” external influences. It can’t really hurt to learn grounding, meditation, visualization or utilize reiki.

As I’m writing this I had a couple examples pop into my mind of times that simply reading about the occult CAN be harmful. There *are* authors (usually on the darker end of the magickal spectrum, but not always) who do try to manipulate the reader, and this is something to be wary of. (Then again, in the mundane world so do lawyers, virtually every salesmen that you will ever run into, marketing, the media, etc. etc. so it’s nothing you don’t really deal with on a day-to-day basis. Even more of a reason to have an understanding of the occult.) Some books are magickally charged or function in ways a talisman would, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not. Magickally charged sigils are used in art work (which could be benevolent and sometimes not.) Some rituals are written to leech off of another practitioners energy.

Those are all things to be wary of. However, the authors that do try and do this, you’ll usually get a sense that something is wrong. It can be best avoided when using common sense, as well as your intuition. If you *do* have an occult practice, it’s easier to avoid traps like this since you can easily ask your guides, or a trusted deity how reliable the information is. This further evidences my point about, reading about the occult almost prompts practice in the occult to protect yourself from things.

If you have reservations about practicing witchcraft or doing anything of an occult nature due to your religion being Christianity or one of the other Abrahamic religions, I would recommend against reading about it unless you are not opposed to it in practice. You don’t want to start studying and by having read it and understood it, committed a transgression. The things that you learn through studying the occult cannot be unlearned or easily denied, so it’s not something that can or should be taken up passively. Granted, there are a wealth of people who read a lot yet, put nothing into practice: because they don’t genuinely believe it but enjoy allure of being called an occultist, or portraying a certain image of themselves to other people. Which is, a guise easily seen through and frowned upon by the dedicated occultists and practitioners. Don’t do that, that’s lame.

So, I'm doing the YouTube thing now.

Yep, I’ve started a YouTube channel to go along with this blog. Which goes along with my Etsy shop. Do I know how to YouTube? No. Do I know how to edit videos? Also no. Do I have a microphone or a camera that I can use to record videos with? Absolutely not. The audio and picture quality are criminally bad, and so is the editing. Luckily, three of those things aren’t things I need to be exceptional at to send reiki distance healing via video. Not that these things aren’t things that I don’t intend on learning, because I totally do. I’m kind of learning as I go, and until then I’m going to pretend my videos are ironically horrible. (Laughter: no reiki needed.)

This channel is going to be primarily used for distance reiki healing videos! (At least until my videography improves.) My videos are going to be around 15-20 minutes in length. These are general sessions, so if you’d like to book a personal session with me, I do currently offer personal reiki sessions on my Etsy account, but that’s been very inconvenient, so I’m trying to set up something on this website right now so that private sessions can be booked more efficiently. It also seems that people are understandably more likely to buy some wares off of a snakeoil salesman before they would buy a distance reiki session from a rando Etsy stranger. … Hopefully, these videos and this website will add some credibility and professionalism to my work.

I’m also planning on releasing some reiki courses and distance attunements in the future. (Yay!) But I have a lot that I’m working on at the moment (see above: not-so-ironically bad YouTube videos.) but that should be something that I’m able to put together within the next year or so. Amongst a ton of other things.

Do you have a suggestion for a reiki video that you’d like to see on my channel? Let me know in the comment section! 🙂

Reiki for Panic Attacks

This is a distance reiki session that I recorded for those who are suffering from panic attacks or anxiety in general. Reiki has helped me exponentially with my anxiety and panic attacks in general.

Note: I realized afterward that I forgot to use the Master symbol, so this might not be as strong as it usually is. (Oops.)

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical or mental health professional. I’m a spiritual professional. I am only qualified to work on the energetic aspect of a health issue! (Which often isn’t acknowledged in Western Medicine.) Therefore, reiki is best used as a treatment modality, in conjunction with medical care: not as a replacement for medical care. If you struggle with mental health or are having health problems, please visit your doctor.

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