Distance Reiki Session for Breakups & Heartache

This is a brief distance reiki healing session to help people who are going through break ups, experiencing heart ache or just having some heart chakra achey-ness. I work on the heart chakra along with a few other ones. I do also cut any unhelpful energetic cords in this video to facilitate healing during breakups. Sometimes when we’re really emotionally involved with people, or someone has a deficiency in a certain chakra, they might “cord” one of your chakras (unknowingly. … At least 99% of the time) to make up for that energy deficiency. i.e. If someone has a deficiency in the throat chakra, they might gravitate toward people who have strong throat chakras and unintentionally cord that chakra. People who struggle with their sense of personal power (governed by the solar plexus chakra) might cord the solar plexus of another person who DOES have a strong sense of personal power, etc. If you catch yourself thinking about someone long after a relationship and ended, and you don’t still have feelings for them whatsoever, they might have energetic cords attached to you that are interfering with your ability to move on from the relationship.

This was recorded with my phone, so the audio and video quality might be just slightly better than my last videos. … I know. I promise to invest in some more high tech equipment when I can afford to. :’) I’m also using another technique that I developed using a crystals and a diagram, which can make the healing energy stronger. (woo!)

P.S. Completely aware that the thumbnail looks derpy but I’m also new to the YouTube thing and am not quite sure how to make those cool thumbnail images. XD

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