Reiki for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

This is an experimental reiki video that I thought of when I was in psychology class. Its meant to act in the brain in the same way that Adderall or other stimulants that are commonly prescribed for it might do. I wasn’t sure if that’s even possible, but I can guarantee you reiki energy is being sent to the parts of your brain that are implicated in AD/HD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I don’t know if it feels like Adderall per se but it was pretty effective for helping me with plenty of studying in college and the effects even seemed to last for a couple days rather than needing to constantly play “reiki for concentration” videos. If your child struggles with ADHD or ADD, it might help to play this while they’re doing homework!

Distance Reiki Session for Breakups & Heartache

This is a brief distance reiki healing session to help people who are going through break ups, experiencing heart ache or just having some heart chakra achey-ness. I work on the heart chakra along with a few other ones. I do also cut any unhelpful energetic cords in this video to facilitate healing during breakups. Sometimes when we’re really emotionally involved with people, or someone has a deficiency in a certain chakra, they might “cord” one of your chakras (unknowingly. … At least 99% of the time) to make up for that energy deficiency. i.e. If someone has a deficiency in the throat chakra, they might gravitate toward people who have strong throat chakras and unintentionally cord that chakra. People who struggle with their sense of personal power (governed by the solar plexus chakra) might cord the solar plexus of another person who DOES have a strong sense of personal power, etc. If you catch yourself thinking about someone long after a relationship and ended, and you don’t still have feelings for them whatsoever, they might have energetic cords attached to you that are interfering with your ability to move on from the relationship.

This was recorded with my phone, so the audio and video quality might be just slightly better than my last videos. … I know. I promise to invest in some more high tech equipment when I can afford to. :’) I’m also using another technique that I developed using a crystals and a diagram, which can make the healing energy stronger. (woo!)

P.S. Completely aware that the thumbnail looks derpy but I’m also new to the YouTube thing and am not quite sure how to make those cool thumbnail images. XD

How Reiki Transformed My Life

Reiki has transformed my life in such profound ways that I don’t think a simple “benefits of reiki” post can really do it justice. Although many people who aren’t aware of the subtle energies that are impacting them every day consider reiki to be “quackery” or to simply be operating on the placebo effect, I think its influence on my life has been too dramatic to simply be a placebo. Not to mention, if I were just experiencing a placebo effect, why would I have had to try countless medications prescribed by doctors before experiencing said placebo effect? Wouldn’t the “placebo effect” of medication be enough to have the same benefits? As I hope to outline in this blog post, “reiki” is anything but.

My First Experience with Reiki

I first came across reiki on YouTube, ironically. At first I thought, “This is so silly, energy can’t possibly be transmitted via a computer screen. … Can it?” Being that I am quite fond science and using the scientific method, I decided to conduct an experiment that has been unthinkable by medical professionals everwhere: I watched the damn video and observed the impact that it had on me. A couple minutes in, I noticed I was hearing a barely perceptible ringing noise, and that I was starting to feel clear headed. A minute more and I started to feel notably less anxious. After about 8 minutes in I was so relaxed that I entered somewhat of a trance state and felt as though I could fall asleep. It felt like I had just taken a Xanax. This was mindblowing to me because I had been off of my depression, anxiety and an ADHD medication for quite some time and was trying to cope with my symptoms naturally. I had felt better than I had since even before I stopped taking them in the first place! (Assuming I built a tolerance to these medications they stopped working, and seemed to almost increase my panic attacks.)

I couldn’t believe it! I sorted through the comments, with people who had experienced similar and even more profound symptoms: claims that they could feel their chakras each tingling as each one was cleared blockages being removed, being spontaneous emotional releases, having spiritual epiphanies, and more than I could count.

I’m no stranger to the chakra system, as I had been working with crystal healing a couple months earlier (yet another thing I thought was a load of bs until I tried it myself) and experienced the same feeling: of some invisible objects in my chest that I didn’t even know I had being pulled out of me. This was accompanied by the surfacing of memories that were long forgotten about! This I’d come to understand as energy blockages being removed from my chakras and a re-experiencing of the emotions that created the bloackages, along with a feeling of relief as they drifted away. It literally felt as though a weight had been lifted out of my chest. I didn’t know that this kind of healing could be done without crystals and via video. I checked out a couple more videos to make sure I wasn’t just imagining the whole thing, but sure enough: I’d experienced the exact same emotional releases, the same relaxation, feeling like I could actually breathe for once, and yes: even that really cool “tingling” and “lightness” sensation in each of my chakras that came with the “Reiki Chakra Clearing” video.

The Implicatons of Reiki

I was fascinated not only by the video’s effects, but even more than that were the implications of the fact that: ENERGY CAN BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH VIDEO. THROUGH TIME. THROUGH SPACE. What?! If positive energy could be transmitted through video: what does that say about negative energy? Can we be affected by watching negative things in movies or on television? What universal laws were actually governing these energies?

I’m sure there are people reading this are going, “BUT… SCIIIIENNNNCE!!!” (You know, in a really nasally voice, condescending tone awhile adjusting their thick rimmed glasses.) Well, here you go. I have a science for you: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity [1] [2] which states that time moves differently around different objects and the futher you move from Earth. [3] We know that time moves differently around large objects such as planets, stars and black holes. (You know, bc it’s a void.) (Not to be confused with THE void, which… time moves differently there too. But I digress…) Hell, it apparently even moves differently upstairs. [4] This might even be able to explain different occult phenomena or unsolved mysteries (spirit portals/energy vortexes, the Bermuda triangle, time going faster or slower in haunted locations, or that one time time that guy got Krishna a drink of water but stopped to talk to some girl for a little bit and when he was gone Krishna was all like “you were gone for like 100 years dude wth” demonstrating how differently time moves for Krishna, etc.) The point Einstein was making here was actually that although time is subjectively experienced as linear and moving forward, it is actually everywhere (and nowhere) all at once. Everything has already happened, we just experience it subjectively at a much slower pace. The Newtonian paradigm on which science as we know it is founded upon, leaves a lot to be desired.

Reiki, then, does not operate in this linear perception of time that we commonly believe is reality. It is actually governed by the laws of Quantum Physics, where time and space don’t have boundaries, and are everwhere and nowhere. Thus, I can send reiki to myself my past, an event in the future, my fiancee in another country, random people on the internet (all of which I have done) I can send reiki now and reiki will be experienced 10 years from now. Like many other subtle energies that people like to believe don’t exist, does not follow the Newtonian paradigm of science. As you can imagine, this understanding of subtle energy, time and space radically shifted the way that I view reality and the world. It re-shaped what I deem possible or impossible. This is aside from the actual health and other benefits.

Learning Reiki Myself

After experiencing the benefits of reiki for myself, I went on to learn how to heal myself and others with reiki. Actually, it was specifically so that I could send reiki healing to my boyfriend in England, who I was unable to speak to or talk to for months at the time due to some very awful circumstances. Distance reiki is more of a Level II thing, so I went through both levels very fast. I know a lot of people will probably balk at that, but hey: I haven’t had any adverse effects from it. Distance reiki was really the level of healing that I needed to do at the time. I went on to do the Master level reiki course a year later. So, I can now attune other people to reiki.

I actually plan on putting together some courses later in the year as well as distance attunements, so if you’re interested in that sort of thing, subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when they come out 🙂

Ways My Life Has Changed Since

  1. I am notoriously bad at sleeping. I’d tried everything for it: sleeping meds, ZzQuil, Melatonin… Since I discovered reiki I cannot name a single night I’ve had a hard time sleeping.
  2. I’m able to help my boyfriend and other people clear their chakras from a distance!
  3. There was this other time I actually had to remove an entity from someone from a distance. … That was pretty cool. I might have developed a way to do an astral banishing rite. Which, I might write about later.
  4. I don’t really have panic attacks like I used to.
  5. I’ve been more energetic and feel “lighter”. (This is of course due to optimal energy flow.)
  6. My depression for the most part has been non-existent.
  7. I was able to move past a lot of traumatic events and a lout of mourning by removing energetic bloackages in my heart chakra. Which, actually got so bad that my chest would ache. Sometimes it still does, but I at least know what to do about it now instead of going into a doctor only to have them be like “Lucie we really don’t know why you have achey breaky chest pains please take more xanax and stop calling us. Can I interest you in some birth control or SSRI’s tho.”
  8. I was able to send reiki to myself during past traumatic events and heal a lot of the energetic damage.,
  9. Grounding is way easier. I’m really lazy with this sometimes when doing magickal work so its easier to just put on a reiki video.
  10. FINANCES. I was experimenting with using runes in combination with reiki and was able to send myself money in the future AND remove blockages that I have to financial abundance.
  11. When I hear about people I know suffering online, I don’t feel helpless about not being able to help them anymore. (This used to really bother me.) I’ve even had roughly 85% of clients report similar life changing experiences as I had: Crown chakra opening, hearing deceased loved ones, having on of their deceased loved ones contact me during a session to relay a message, and helping someone who was told they only had a year or so to live to “finally be able to get out of bed for the first time in months”.
  12. And, hearing that I have had such a profound impact on the lives of others helps add value to my own life, which is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life.


There’s more to reiki than “quackery” or a placebo effect. The mind-body connection is indeed a powerful thing. The irony is that the same mechanisms involved in the placebo effect taking place are the same mechanisms that cause people to be believe so strongly, that reiki does not work, in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary staring them in the face. They’re so convinced that reiki doesn’t work, that they don’t recieve any benefit of from it whatsoever. Even more, that they believe metaphysics don’t exist. That parapsychology is just pseudoscience. I genuinely believe that if we, as a society, are able to shift our perspectives away from the Newtonian science and instead toward Quantum physics, we would be able to explain far more about the universe than we could ever comprehend, and create a civilization that is capable of truly amazing things.


[1] I don’t want to go as far as to say this IS Einstein’s theory, as it’s been speculated that Einstein is a plagiarist and a fraud: a claim that I intend on investigating at some point.

[2] Pre-Christian religions like Germanic Heathenry, the broader umbrella that Norse Paganism fits under, actually had a miraculous understanding of this concept of time, as demonstrated by folklore in the three norns: Urd, Verdani and Skuld who were said to govern the past, present and “that which has not happened yet..” In old German, there was no word for “future”. The closest word meant “that which hasn’t yet happened.” Early pagan religions also viewed time as cyclic, or a spiral, more accurately.



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